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Below are great resources I recommend for learning more about me and energy healing.

What is Healing Touch?

Introduction to Healing Touch Energy Healing

TSA does Healing Touch Skit
August 26, Charlotte, NC with Cynthia Hutchison and Dawn Warnaca

Fairy Guide Mother Skit
August 2014, Chicago, IL with Sharon Robbins and Dawn Warnaca

Lewis & Clark Skit
October 2013, Seattle, WA with Sharon Robbins and Dawn Warnaca

Other Articles By Dawn

How I Became an Energy Healing Practitioner

His Name is Earl: A Journalized Reflection on Emergency Preparedness in My Own Backyard


Self-Care Techniques

Self Chakra Connection YouTube Video

Dawn's Energy Healing Training

Healing Touch Program

The Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy

USUI System of Reiki Training

Warrior Spirit Jeff Alexander

The International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards

The Healing Power of Story: Opening to a Deeper Human Connection Rachel Naomi Remen


Upcoming Washington Classes

Healing Touch Washington State Classes

Smoking Cessation Support

Kick Butts Take Names

Organizations I Support

Healing Touch Professional Association

Coos Bay Stand Down

Healing Touch World Wide Foundation

Healing Touch For Animals



Self Chakra Connection

Self Chakra Connection Handout

This technique is excellent for ongoing self-care. It helps open, balance, and connect all of your major and minor chakras. As you practice the Self Chakra Connection, HOLD each position for about a minute.

Client Successes:

"Dawn is an amazing light whose compassion and love exudes from every part of her being. Energy work sessions with her have helped me move through significant life transitions with grace and ease. Her intuitive instincts are right on and every part of my experience in working with her has been wonderfully positive. I highly recommend her work and I look forward to our next session together!"

-Ryan W., Tacoma, WA



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Pendle IS in Websters!

Pendle: a pendent object as an earring or a pendulum