Tacoma Energy Healing

About Energy Healing
& Reiki: What to Expect

The first appointment for Healing Energy Work, Healing Touch, & Reiki in my Eatonville area office is usually scheduled for 90 minutes. Download the Intake and Consent Forms These are filled out prior to the session. Further appointments are based on your symptoms, schedule and our mutual goals.

Typical Energy Healing appointments are designed to have a 15-minute intake, 45 minutes to an hour on the treatment table, and 15 minutes to discuss and evaluate the session and plan for follow up. However, Energy Healing can be done in as little as 10 minutes – your timing is always the highest consideration.

What Happens During a Session?

Each Energy Healing session focuses on your specific goals and can address issues that are physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. You remain fully clothed and can be treated on a treatment table (massage table), or seated in a chair depending on where you are the most comfortable.

I use a pendulum and my hands to assess your energy field and chakras. I may notice vibration, congestion, imbalance, or flows of energy with both tools. I do not diagnosis your field or symptoms. I simply assess before and after a session and make notation of changes. With your permission I may include therapeutic grade essential oil during the session to support the work we do together.

Many Energy Healing, Healing Touch, and Reiki techniques are suggested to include light touch at the major and minor chakras, (for more information on chakras, please read this article about Healing Touch). If you prefer not to be touched, all techniques are equally effective while working in the energy field of your body (the bio-field).

Common Benefits of Energy Healing & Reiki:

The most common immediate benefits of Energy Healing, Healing Touch, and Reiki are deep relaxation, a sense of balance, lightness and a feeling of well-being. Clients also often experience pain relief, lower stress, and mental clarity. Individual experiences vary.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Every person and every issue is different. One Energy Healing, Healing Touch, or Reiki session may be all you need or desire. If you choose to have a series of treatments, you can expect to review our progress in relationship to your presenting symptoms and ongoing expectations for outcomes.

Energy Healing is a Complementary Modality:

Energy Healing, Healing Touch, and Reiki are complementary to traditional medical care, and can be adjunctive and supportive during on-going treatment by medical doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and mental health care professionals.

I do not diagnose illness or disease (physical or mental). I do not prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals. I am not a licensed massage therapist, psychotherapist, or medical doctor. There is no licensing currently required in the State of Washington for Reiki or Energy Healing Practitioners. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical attention and I will willingly refer you to professionals that can further support you in these areas as would be appropriate.

Getting Started:

Schedule your Energy Healing, Healing Touch, or Reiki session now by calling my office at 253.732.7403 or emailing me:

To save time at your first session, please download, print, and fill out this form: Download the Intake Form


90-Minute Session
(In my office.)
In-Home or In-Hospital appointments available with compensation for travel time.

Surgery Support
Package: $300
Includes pre and post surgery sessions and day of surgery in-hospital care. (3 session package.)

Shorter sessions can be very effective and cost is $1.00 per minute.

Sliding Scale available - please ask about current requirements.

Cash, Check, and Credit Cards accepted.

Client Successes:

"In March of 2011, Dawn accompanied me through a rather invasive surgical procedure. Her treatment was significant in supporting my level of ease prior to and after the surgery.

Generally my veins are challenging to tap and I almost always bruise when IV’s are inserted or I have blood drawn. Dawn worked alongside the nurse, who was able to locate a vein on the first try and I experienced no bruising in the area.

Prior to the surgery, a preoperative treatment caused me quite a bit of discomfort. Dawn was able to locate the painful spikes and significantly reduce the pain.

The most memorable part of the treatment occurred after the surgery. Dawn joined me in the immediate recovery area where the attending nurses openly accepted her. As Dawn worked, my body began to shake and the smell of anesthesia was notable. I do not recall how long the treatment lasted, but I do remember that I was completely awake and feeling well by the time I was moved back to the main recovery area. I was told that I looked wide-awake and my face was full of color.

Dawn accompanied me home where she performed a final treatment. Even at this point, we could still smell the anesthesia leaving my body. I believe that Healing Touch Energy Healing Sessions made a significant positive contribution to my recovery that day and I feel very blessed to have had Dawn there."

-Cheryl L., Gig Harbor, WA